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Prestasi dalam OSN Tk Nasional
Selamat atas medali perunggu - Nhino Gianesva. G.S
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Mrs Joanna McQuaid



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Middle School is a supportive community that
champions respect.

Google Classroom

You need to create an app in the Google Console to get credentials.
For this, follow to Documentation


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Leading school in New-York city in the past 25 years

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of class of 2019 bachelor’s recipients were employed
of employed 2019 garaduates hold a position related to their degree
students overall student athlete GPA for Spring 2019
Professional teachers with over 20 years experience

Admission Process

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You will receive a confirmation email with login, password and instructions to complete our online application.

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In the end of the month, you may login and complete your online application using the credentials emailed to you.

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Enter payment information and $ 100.00 application fee. The form is submitted, you will receive an email.

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